Peggy Guggenheim Foundation, Venice


I have studied painting and art history at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, visual arts and curatorial practice at the Venice University of Architecture and at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. In 2008 I have completed a Master Program of the Arts at the University of Berlin. During the past years I have worked with many artists and curators including William Kentridge, Olafur Eliasson and Hans Ulrich Obrist, from which I have learned to approach art in a interdisciplinary way. I collaborate with the art foundation Bevilacqua La Masa, where I have been active as curator and as artist. My career has begun with painting, drawing and sculpture, later turning to newer media like video. I have been collaborating with urban researchers and architects in the creation of projects combining artistic strategies and urban research, investigating complex urban and social contexts with video installation, performance, exhibitions and lectures. With the interactive traveling radio project Tuneable Cities, in 2003 I won the prize for urban research promoted by the newspaper Il Sole 24 ore and the urban research agency Multiplicity. In the same year I worked with the project Makrolab and I have moved to Berlin. Here I have focused on a research about the concepts of border and collective memory. My main interest focuses on the strategies of new monuments in modern Germany. I have wrote my master dissertation about about the Potential of the Void as Contemporary Monument.
Since 2008 I have started a production of paintings and drawings. The combination of various techniques allows me to obtain a unique richness of shadows and lights. I aim to reach a full effect of forms and patterns through the use of the color and also through the line. I work on multiple works, including oil paintings. Oil painting and drawing influence each other. My drawings are created with a similar technique of the oil painting, working the color level after level, in a succession of overlaying structures. The result is a multi faceted color effects, which could not be obtained in any classical way. The uniqueness of this process makes impossible for anyone to reproduce the same effect. I do not work with assistants. All the works are created only by my hand. I have a particular passion for interiors decoration and natural elements, animals, especially birds. Most of my work is created with a concept or a story and include quotes and hidden meanings. I perceive life and art as interconnected realities and my working place is always the place I live in. I wish to infuse my works with a very specific magical, silent, surreal atmosphere. Compared to the realization speed that new technologies offer us nowadays, the drawing seems to us a very slow proceeding. It is a little like the difference between hand and computer writing: the time you give your hand to trace a line on paper corresponds to the time you give to your brain to elaborate thought and form. Drawing and painting are slow and complex thinking processes. Not only, while I draw and paint I develop a deep relation to my work, the paper records every small change in my psychological situation and also in my physical condition. The emotions or the stress manifest themselves in more or less firm lines, or more or less dark colors. Making art for me is a form of meditation. The subjects of my works are photographed staged scenes, collages of photos, advertisement, portrays of friends, I also collaborate with photographers. The results are to be later transposed on paper. My works are part of the Bevilacqua La Masa Art Foundation Collection and the Video Collection of the MACRO Museum in Rome.

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