A portrait is a unique artwork that remains with you and your family through generations. It is an object of memory, that reminds us of our loved ones, family, friends or beloved pets. A piece of art beyond time, the portrait is a precious design object for your home.


You can commission a portrait artwork.

Portrait prices may vary depending on the complexity of the subject, the size of the artwork and the technique. Starting price for a portrait is 500 Euro for a 30×40 cm circa (simple portrait).

The portraits I realized are composed by me. Objects, background, clothes, jewels, animals, and other details or elements are chosen by me during a research process and become part of a completely new composition. Face and hair are usually based on the original subject (photo or photo session). Colors and various elements can be previously discussed with me. I wish to create a work that connects with your personal history and person. I produce a first study picture and discuss it per E-mail or personally with the client.

I work with discretion and I can assure complete anonymity for special clients.
Realization time depends also on the size of the portrait. 50×70 cm portraits usually request ca 2 or 3 weeks, depending on the complexity of the picture.