EXPERIMENTS WITH LANGUAGE AND SOUND _ 2024 Community based Art Project_Ama (n) zigh 2024_project proposal

Tifinagh-based transcription of  Moroccan Berber language into sound and image. Example.

ALL THE MOMENTS OF MY LONELINESS Research, Video Installation, Community based Art Project_Istanbul

A project research about emigration paths between Berlin and Istanbul, and how this migration pattern affects the development of the two cities as well as social networking, and emotional attachments.

At the same time, the artist uses the project to dwell on her biography as a foreigner in Germany. Starting from the concept of “Huzün” and melancholy or nostalgia, the artist creates a sound diary of all the moments in which she missed her homeland.

On the occasion of the exhibition in the public Bebel Square in Berlin, she presented a video projection of black and white photos sent by Turkish families to their relatives living in Berlin during the 1960s and 1970s. 

The big size projection on the wall of the formal Royal Library, together with the soundtrack of the artist´s voice listing the moments of her loneliness in Berlin, created an emotional environment. 

In the installation, she also exhibited interviews with Turkish immigrants in Berlin “Looking for Istanbul in Berlin!”, that has been filmed during the Turkish market in Berlin-Kreuzberg, and maps of Berlin immigrants in Istanbul, made in collaboration with the Kadir University in Istanbul.

Tunablecities traveling radio project

Research, traveling online radio project, sound installation

All the moments of my loneliness

Photo archive, research, sound installation

What I was, what I am, what I will be

Installation with hand-sawn Japanese seaweeds, performance, photo, video


Video interviews, traveling video project, text

Is your public space is large as mine?

2 prints 120x 70 cm ca, flash computer animation, DJ performance

Draw a border

traveling project


social related curatorial and participative project research

group collaboration