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199 days (8 June – 16 Settembre 2001) of interactions with the city of Mestre to explore its unexpressed potential.


Artway of thinking

FaTA trust


Four artistic actions:

Ms3 city h24_exploration

Ms3 H2O_amphibian living

Ms3 02_green air

Ms3 green O2_attachment of water

Ms3 is a project that flows through reality and imaginary, between real experiences and virtual navigations, it is a plan in becoming in its negotiations with the social parts of the city.

Ms3 acts priming mechanisms, discovering possible mediations, investigating the contemporary character of Mestre, and its unexpressed potential. Inside the Ms3 project, the web has a role of hypertext, opening virtual windows that lead to the real one. A virtual laboratory that documents the urban explorations in two main ways: green and open spaces

(O2) and Mestre as a city of water (H2O).

If the Candiani Center could be intended as physical laboratory, a place of meeting, tangible archives, and connection of the center with the territory, Ms3-terraferma.net at the same time transfers these contents in the sphere of the virtual one.

Ms3 is a project realized in the occurrence of TerraFerma exhibition curated by Riccardo Caldura (parallel event of the 49° Venice Biennale), promoted by the Municipality of Venice, shows at the Candiani Center in Mestre from the June 8th to the September 16th, 2001. The Ms3 plan is supported by the Popular Bank of Vicenza; ENIAC Communication and Computer Science; with the SdS Sponsorship University of Architecture of Venice.