What I was, what I am, what I will be. Foto from performance

What I was, what I am, what I will be

Handsewn sculpture of 52 pieces made of Japanese seaweeds
(Sculpture, installation, performance, photo series)

The sculpture used for a performance about the neverending life´s cycle of life and death. During three months’ time, the artist has sawn one “dress” and 51 Japanese slippers by hand with seamen thread, to create an installation in memory of their ancestors. The installation is disposed of like a mortuary parlor with the body of the deceased in the middle and the visiting relatives around it, as Italian tradition foresees.
The traditionally feminine activity of hand sawing also underlines the relation to the role played by women in the family and Italian culture.

During the performance, the pieces created by the artist with natural seaweeds return to their original environment by melting in the seawater.
The performance has not to be documented in a video. This choice underlines the fugacious and evanescent character of life´s cycle which can´t either be stopped or controlled as death is inevitable.

A series of polaroid has been created after the performance with the collaboration of the architect Matteo Ghidoni.